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peerko barefoot shoes

We are Czech based brand of barefoot shoes. The peerko brand was born in 2018 in a crowdfunding campaign from a great support of the barefoot community. We have started off with a line of minimalist canvas shoes and later, in 2020, introduced leather models.
We believe that good shoes have to be not only beautiful, but also healthy. That´s why our wonderful designers work alongside with physiotherapists when developing our shoes. Our shoes are manufactured in several family-owned workshops which allows us to focus on high quality and detailed processing and ensuring ethical conditions of workers and production in general. peerko shoes are made in the EU, from sole to laces.

Our mission

We in peerko strive to deliver you shoes that are

  • healthy
  • good looking
  • comfortable
  • high quality
  • made ethically


We believe in the benefits of barefoot shoes, or as some call it minimalist shoes. What does it mean?


Barefoot shoe doesn´t constrain nor squish your feet like a conventional shoe. It respects the anatomical shape of your feet, gives your toes space to spread and work properly.


Barefoot shoe has a flexible sole that is thin enough to mediate you all information about the surface you are walking on. In peerko shoes you will be able to feel the terrain under your feet without pain.


Barefoot shoe has zero drop, i.e. the sole has the same thickness in all spots. There´s no arch support, no toe spring, no elevated heel. It doesn´t mess with body´s natural alignment, doesn´t get you off balance.


Find the store and give your feet what they deserve ... walking in peerko shoes.

Many of our partner stores are shipping worldwide.